WÜRTH in Malta

The small Maltese archipelago consists of three islands; the largest is Malta, and lies right in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea.  It represents a stepping-stone between the south of Europe and the north of Africa.  This strategic geographic position has given Malta great historical value throughout the ages, proven by the oldest free-standing Neolithic temples and archaeological sites.  These megalithic structures, coupled with 7000 years of history, inspire awe and admiration among international visitors.  Such a strategic geographic position makes its people what they are: permanent survivors.

The story of Würth Malta is comparable to the country's history.  Founded in 1988 and located in the centre of the main island Malta, the company caters for all industrial sectors in the automotive, wood, metal, shipyards, manufacturing and construction industry and delivers on a daily basis.  Würth Malta has two shops, supported by our proficient team of sales representatives, and the long list of clients, as well as the walk-in customers.  The sales representatives are experts in their own field and fight to gain their daily order.  There is prevailing competition on the increase with Malta’s accession into the EU who wants to import and sell in Malta. 

The company offers top quality products and enjoys an extremely good reputation because of the recommendable service.  Würth Malta also has its turbulent history as a company, but like its host country, it continues to survive against all odds, and the task now is to increase profitable growth.  The company is confident of achieving its future goals thanks to the highly motivated members of staff and the well-established brand name of Würth in Malta.