Business Divisions

Würth Malta has the following business divisions: Automotive, Cargo, Construction, Marine, Metal, Solar and Wood.

The following table provides an overview  of the various divisions and their distribution sectors, as well as the industries supplied by Würth.

Automotive Division

Würth knows your bodyshop needs and offers endless top quality products for the automotive division to put your business in front of your competitors.  

Windscreen bonding kits, car body work, vehicle polishing, workshop equipment, hand tools, leak detection assortments, pin-puller sets are just a small list of the wide-range of products available in our automotive division.

Construction Division

This is a brief description of the range of products carried for the construction industry.




Marine Division

Würth’s new nautic line offers a range of specially formulated top quality products for the marine environment including an innovative range of marine sealants. These include MS Polymer, Mastic and Polyurethanes.


Hygiene, interior, glass and sanitary cleaners, fuel additives, surface finisher, hard wax, stainless steel spray, salt resistant grease, waterproofing spray and wet suit care spray. These specialist products are available from our Nautic Line. 

Metal Division

Our metal division provides top quality consumables and tools for the metal industry. Our products are manufactured in accordance to DIN standards and highest certifications.  Our range of metal products are a great choice for all your needs in the metalworking, maintenance, manufacturing and installation industries.

DIN/ISO and standard parts, hexagon head screws, nuts, self-tapping screws, threaded rods, machine elements, anchor and dowel systems, chemical-technical products, time-sert, hand tools, power tools, cutting and drilling tools, health and safety range.

Würth also offers an ORganising SYstem called the ORSY system which is neat shelving that can be tailored to the specific requirements of your operation. This brilliant Orsy System will save you time, space and above-all – MONEY!


Solar Division

Our fully fledged division is focused on providing the optimal solution for your needs in renewable energy.  With the help of the unmatched support that we get from our sister companies abroad, who have been operating in their respective fields long before the emergence of the renewable energy market in Malta, we manage to professionally close the gap between the high-tech nature of renewable energy systems and the particularly harsh installation conditions of the typical Maltese installation locations.  Learn more about the Solar Division


Wood Division

Our clients in the wood division come from all fields of the craft. They are joiners, window-manufacturers, carpenters, parquet layers, shop fitters etc.  Würth understands their needs and requirements and offers a vast selection of top quality products.

Screws, assembly material, bonding and sealing, drilling, cutting, grinding, hand and power tools are just a sample of what Würth has to offer.