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The Solar Division, Würth (Malta) Ltd.

The solar division forms part of Würth (Malta) Ltd., which in turn is one of over 400 companies worldwide forming part of the Würth Group.  This fully fledged division comprises a team of engineers, fully qualified technicians and a number of installers with varying abilities that really close the gap between the high tech technology of renewable energy systems and the typical Maltese roof with its associated harsh climate scenarios.


The Solar Division at Würth (Malta) Ltd. works hand in hand with Würth Solar GmbH & Co. KG, our German sister company within the Würth Group.  Würth Solar is an internationally active, full-service project contractor for photovoltaic power plants that benefits from over 25 years of experience, making it our excellent partner.  This company works exclusively with top brands from the solar industry.  Personal advice and planning as well as a comprehensive service round off the range of products.  More about ... Photovoltaic (PV) Systems

Solar Thermal Systems

Another sister company forming part of the Würth Group is IVT GmbH & Co. KG.  This company focuses on solar thermal power conversion systems with years of experience in methods of improving efficiencies of critical components.  As IVT itself says:
"It is not the size of the collector area or the storage volume which is decisive regarding the effectiveness of a solar heating system, but the efficiency of its components, their mutual interaction and how well they are tuned to the demands of the operators".  
Thanks to IVT, we have strong market presence in solar thermal heating systems which include domestic hot water, industrial hot water, under floor heating and pool heating.  More about ... Heating Systems

What are our beliefs?

We strongly believe in our products and will never compromise quality for price advantages.  Quality and after sales service are two very important factors one has to weigh in when choosing a solar system.  The relatively low pay back periods of solar systems assume full service out of these machines during their entire calculated lifetime.  But what happens if a system breaks down?  And what are the effects of the surrounding environment on the proposed system? We incorporate such holistic approach in our designs which guarantees top performance from our systems during their entire lifetime and not just in their first years!  These principles elevate us above our competitors, while helping us attain the highest scores in customer satisfaction, as testified by our ever-increasing list of successful projects.