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OTC collectors – simple, top quality, high performance

The OTC is a pressure storage collector with a low pressure heat pipe thermal conductor. Absorbed solar radiation is converted into thermal energy with maximum efficiency. The water in the solar tank is heated by the thermal energy transferred up through the heat pipe. 360° vacuum tubes are able to take the best advantage of solar radiation in the course of the day and over the course of a whole year. As long as either direct or diffuse sunshine is available, the OTC converts solar radiation into thermal energy. This highly effective energy conversion is guaranteed even in colder regions. To function efficiently the OTC requires neither a solar regulator nor a circulation pump.

The construction of a dry connection offers two significant advantages when compared to a wet connection, where the heat pipe reaches directly into the hot water supply.

More safety - since no open tank to pipe connection exists, leaks cannot occur.



The tubes for any weather the year round

Our 360° absorber tubes make the most efficient and sustained use of the sun's energy all year round, supplying the house with hot water or heating even in overcast weather. Thanks to its 360° design, the absorber is capable of absorbing far more direct and diffuse radiation than traditional collectors. Using vacuum insulation, 360° tubes have achieved a previously unseen level of performance. This design prevents heat loss even at sub-zero temperatures.

The vacuum between the two glass tubes (one inside the other) cannot be destroyed and its insulating effect remains constant. 360° absorber tubes therefore deliver consistently high performance over their entire serviceable life.

Double plus: higher solar energy yield over the whole year

Even in autumn and spring the vacuum insulation and large 360° absorber surface offer 100% solar energy usage. Inefficient heating is a thing of the past. This combination collects highly useful energy from the sun, even at sub-zero temperatures in winter or under cloudy or rainy conditions.


Collectors by AMK-Collectra AG – the new standard in using solar thermal energy

AMK-Collectra AG, who pioneered the 360° absorber technology and developed the OPC10/15 high-performance collectors, recognised the advantages of three-dimensionally shaped absorbers more than ten years ago. Being awarded with the gold medal at the Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva, Switzerland, was the logical result of a brilliant implementation. AMK-Collectra AG has over 15 years of experience in developing and producing evacuated tube collectors. Evacuated tube collectors are developed and produced in Switzerland. The quality is aligned with European standards of quality (Euro-Norm).

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